• Anna Maria De Guid

On Wedding Anniversaries

Updated: Sep 13

Not many people think about silver and golden anniversaries when they get married. We didn’t. We just got there.

When I was in my early 20s, I was invited to an intimate silver anniversary celebration. After an elegant dinner, the couple danced slowly to music. As they were dancing, I noticed subdued tears from the wife’s eyes. I thought that was strange.

Fast forward 2017. We celebrated our 25th. During mass, I remembered the couple decades ago where the wife shed tears while dancing.

I now understand that to reach this milestone, tears will be shed during the challenging times. But many more of the same tears will flow for joy and happiness.

Let’s hope and pray that in life, the happy tears will be a hundred-fold times more than sufficient to carry us through the challenging times.

And that God’s providence will provide the rest.


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