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On Life's Lessons

How wonderful it is to be given opportunities to redo things until we finally learn to do it right. (Isn't this one deeply beautiful aspect of the Sacrament of Reconciliation?)

When I pray for patience, my patience is tested again, again and again. Reminds me of the "Groundhog Day." In the movie, Phil Connors has his day routine repeat day in, day out. He never gets out of the loop until the time he realized that it was when he changed for the better was he able to get out of the loop.

I have a friend who always annoys me, despite the fact that I frequently call her out on it. God seems to tell me, “Maria, how are you going to learn patience if you aren't tested?"

What has life been throwing at you repeatedly? Maybe it's God telling you to keep on practicing.

Remember that practice makes perfect.


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