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Divine Mercy Sunday

Updated: Apr 14

The night before Divine Mercy Sunday (today), I was scrambling, looking for an image of the Divine Mercy to put on our altar. I thought I had one in my traveling saints pouch. (I have stampitas of saints in a pouch to take on trips.) Apparently, I didn't! I told myself I needed to get one soon.

As we were going to mass, I felt a little disappointed. "Jesus, I'm sorry I don't have a story about Divine Mercy to share today. I hope I find one for this feast day."

At mass this morning, the church gave away 8"x10" images of the Divine Mercy. "Wow, what a blessing! Now I have an image!" My heart filled with happiness.

After a quick lunch at an Italian restaurant near our home after mass, my phone chimed. My sister-in-law sent a video of today's mass. She said to listen to the homily. As soon as the story in the homily finished, my heart overflowed with joy. I knew God prodded my sister-in-law to send me this story to share with you.

If you ask from your heart, your desires will be given. I had two sent my way today.

Thank you, my dearest Jesus.


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