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Unexpected Blessing


My husband and I were invited to join a medical mission for two weekends in January. We had just arrived from an out-of-town trip after the holidays, and we were just adjusting to our regular routine.

We were a little hesitant because it was our first medical mission. But this was what we thought we'd like to do after Paul, my husband retired. He is a doctor by profession, and I am a homemaker. I had no idea what I was going to do, though I thought I would be asked to help in the kitchen.

When the mission organizer asked me to take pictures to document the use of the medical equipment and medications, I thought that was pretty easy. I felt that maybe I could do a little more than press the camera button. I felt that I'll have lots of time on my hands after a few shots. When I asked what else I can do, I was told to assist in the prescription glasses department.

On the first day of the mission, as I was taking pictures, it dawned on me that maybe I should make a video out of the pictures. In doing so, my "free" time was filled-up with assembling pictures, adding subtitles, and polishing the iMovie. As i worked, something took over me. I felt excitement growing inside me and inspiration prodding me to make the best out of the pictures and videos I had.

By the end of the evening, I had finished the first video of the medical mission! The organizers and volunteers were elated at the "documentary." For the first time, I felt very much part of this grand endeavor.

By the end of the fourth day of the mission, I felt very blessed. I knew that God has placed me there for a special purpose.


My name's Anna Maria, and I publish a new video on YouTube's Touched by Grace Today and a new post on my blog every week. Check out for my other articles! If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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