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The Truth Shall Set you Free

Updated: Feb 1

I have been listening to a clinical psychologist who for me seemed to make a lot of sense. (That's an understatement.). He wrote a book, "Twelve Rules for Life." He was asked which of those rules he thinks tops the others. His answer was, "Always tell the truth. Or at least, do not lie." If things are not grounded on truth, the foundation will collapse in time.

Let's take the case for relationships. How could one move forward in a relationship when one knows that the other one is not truthful? This holds for the parents, children, friends, our co-workers, for the leaders in the country. And everyone in between. Imagine a situation where lies are the norm? Will you be able to tolerate such?

Isn't this what Jesus has been telling us all the time, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

That's something we should ponder on deeply.


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