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Sunday's Gospel

Updated: Oct 3

The gospel this Sunday (September 24, 2023) is something that has bothered and bewildered me for the longest time. In a gist, the gospel is about a master who asked laborers to work for him in the field. Those who worked at the start of the day at 8 am were paid the same as those who started working late at 5pm. As far as I could remember, I had always thought this was unfair. Still unfair even if the master chooses to be generous.

Well, it's been this way with me it until God answered my prayer.

For a couple of years, I've been telling Him, "God, I do not understand how the master in the gospel could give the same salary to those who worked the whole day and to those who worked at the last hour. I know that you are generous, but I really feel some unfairness here."

"I understand that the salary paid is really salvation. The person who, during his entire life, did good works will be saved (like Mother Teresa) and those who converted and believed in (or converted to) Jesus at the last minute (like St. Dismas during the crucifixion beside Jesus) will likewise be welcomed into paradise. I perfectly understand how the early laborers felt about getting paid the same wage."

As I was pondering this parable, something in my heart and mind simultaneously spoke:

"It is not that Mother Teresa lived her life for me to be saved. It was because she loved me that she offered her life to others for me. She was happy doing what she did because of her love. She was happy for anyone to be paid the same as she is paid, which is salvation. It is all about love.

It is because you think as people think. If you compare your work to what others do for salvation, then you will feel the unfairness. It is when you live your life loving me, then there will be no comparing with how others are doing. And you will be happy when everyone is rewarded with eternal life, even those who have done badly in life and changed at the last minute."

My heart overflowed with joy at the homily I received from God that day.


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