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St.Martin de Porres

Updated: Nov 16

I forgot to post something about St. Martin de Porres earlier today! So this is pretty last minute.

I've known St. Martin since probably ten years old when Mom told me that he is a saint for the sick. Mom didn't really introduce me to a lot of saints outside of St. Joseph, St. Raymond, and St. Martin de Porres. (Though She did impress on me my Guardian Angel.)

I know I've prayed to St. Martin asking for good health and recovery whenever I was sick, but nothing more than that. I did not even take the time to research about his life nor his feast day. Not until I started Touched by Grace.

Here's a two-minute bio of St. Martin. Maybe in acknowledgment of the video I made about him, he made his presence felt one day. That story will follow as soon as I finish it.

Blessed weekend to all!


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