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Sharing over Brunch

Updated: Oct 13

I was invited to brunch by some parishioners to show appreciation to a beloved assistant pastor.

The brunch was at 10:00 am, but due to unforeseen concerns, the priest arrived at 11:30 am. To fill in the waiting time, a question was posed to everyone: "So far, what has (have) been your highlight(s) this year?"

Kate shared that she made her confession in the Vatican in 1986; this year, she was able to visit the Vatican again and make her confession! A blessing indeed after almost 40 years!

Inez shared that her highlight was being in the best of health and with family all being well - one of the best highlights especially for those who are what one calls "Young in Spirit." (Most of us are at that stage except for one and the pastor. :D)

Thea shared that she went on a pilgrimage in April and wanted to go to confession, but there were no English-speaking priests. As she asked herself what she should do next, someone walked in front of her and put up a sign on the confessional closest to her: "Confession: English." Instantly, she felt God was there in her midst.

We were halfway through the group of seven on the Q and A when Father arrived with another parishioner Raul. After welcome hugs, hellos, and initial small talk, everyone settled comfortably to enjoy the hot coffee served.

When asked his 'highlight of the year,' Father introduced us to his"Samaritan Man". This person whom he met at a party shared that he grew up Catholic but has left the faith in his teenage years. Going along the ebbs and flows of the secular society, he has had 10 partners. He's now living with his eleventh partner. Through their conversations over time, Father shared with him God's infinite mercy. Some time passed, and Father was surprised when Samaritan Man said he was returning to the faith. Father knew the difficult and challenging journey ahead and was looked forward to guiding him along the way.

The rest of the guests were not able to share their highlights because everyone seemed to focus on their meals as everyone was hungry.

As the gathering drew to a close, everyone felt deeply nourished in spirit (as well as deliciously nourished in body). :D

If you were asked about your year's highlights, what would those be?


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