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Sad and Gloomy Times

Our family flew to Brooklyn, New York to visit our sons who have (hopefully just) temporarily chosen to work from home in one of the cities that never sleeps. As always, times spent with them is precious.

As we were planning our Sunday activities, I searched for Catholic churches close by. It was a blessing that a few churches were easily walkable from our hotel. Our Lady of Mount Carmel was just about two blocks away. Two others were a few more blocks away.

I was sadly surprised though that the Mass schedule was restricted to about one English and another language. The ones I saw were either Spanish or Polish, though one of the churches had live-streamed Masses.

We decided to attend the Spanish Mass. The ushers were very welcoming and more so, after the lady learned that we were visitors. We were given English Mass books. We were even invited to some refreshments and a retreat after the Mass. It was heartwarming to know that these communities, however small, continue to build the Catholic community.

My concern is that even with strong communities, when the members are dwindling, given one or two generations, the plight of these churches might follow those in Europe where

churches are now museums or simply abandoned. Secularism has won in the western world. And I don't know how to turn the tide. Maybe not in a big way.

I hope and pray that our Lord will hear the prayers of the faithful for those whose hearts

are still restless. As St. Augustine said,“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”


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