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On Unceasing Prayers

I hurt a dear friend last year, and though I have pleaded for forgiveness and understanding countless times, she was unforgiving. God only knows how much I prayed for mercy and peace.

One day, I saw her at Sunday Mass in a church she rarely goes to. I avoided looking into her direction. The Gospel was The Parable of the Sower and the Seed. I was listening to the priest's homily on the different kinds of soil the seed can fall into when all of a sudden, he went off track and said, "If some of you here has a brother, sister, cousin, or friend who has hurt you, it is time to move forward and forgive."

I felt those words were meant for me and my friend. It hit my heart to the core, and I shed tears. I knew instantly that God wanted me to know that he has heard my prayers, and that it was time for my friend to move forward. The priest went back to his homily on the seeds. Then, for the second time, he went off track again, and said those same words for forgiveness! I did my best to contain my emotions.

As we were leaving the church after Mass, I glanced at my friend. She looked into my direction at that very instant and gave me a Mona Lisa smile.

I knew that God has opened her eyes, and I am glad that she opened her heart in response (as we all have free will).

Thank you, Lord, for this most precious gift.


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