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On the Incorruptibles

Today (May 27, 2023), I read about a Missouri Catholic nun, Sr. Wilhelmina, whose body was exhumed because it was going to be transferred in the newly constructed altar in the church. She was the founder of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Her body was found to be incorrupt four years after her death. (Fox News)

A few hours later, I shared the story with a friend, and she mentioned that her daughter-in-law's father was exhumed after 20 years because it was going to be transferred. They found the body incorrupt. She said that the father was a doctor who treated everyone whether they had the means to pay or not. And for those who didn't, he would even pay for their medicines. I thought what a wonderful selfless life he lived!

Then a thought came to me, "There might be many others whose bodies are incorrupt but have not had been discovered because there was no reason for exhumation.

Could it be that people who led lives for others may be blessed with incorruptibility?

For sure, that is an idea that could never be investigated, but still, it's heartwarming and inspiring to hear about incorruptibility of people who led lives like Christ. Much like the saints did.


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