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On the Communion of Saints


As All Saints' Day draws near, I am reminded of the "communion of saints" that is mentioned in the Apostle's Creed. These words bring lightness to my soul, a smile to my face, and joy in my heart. Imagine all the saints* we know who are with us during Mass, and I believe, with us whenever we whisper their names.

I once thought of researching foods that are related to saints. I thought that maybe St. Patrick liked Irish soda bread. Julia Greenwood in her blog** mentioned that St. John the Baptist lived on locust and honey and she prepared honey cake for her co-employees to celebrate the occasion of his feast day. We could also think of doing things that are related to the saints like wearing green for St. Patrick's Day, wearing red on feast days of saints who have been martyred, or lighting a candle to celebrate the occasion.

There are other many ways we can stay connected with saints. We probably have devotions to a number of them.

I hope that when my time on earth comes to a close, I will meet all the saints I have sought intercessions and prayed to. Won't that be a wonderful thing?

Do you have a saint you have a devotion to?


*Saints are commonly understood as the "holy ones" who have gone before us and who have been canonized. But in the New Testament, St. Paul calls the living who believe in Jesus Christ as saints, as we see in his letter, "To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi." (Phil 1:1).

According to Catherine Cahill's article in uscatholic.org, "The communion of saints encompasses not only all believers in Christ, but, according to many scholars, all those of truth and love, in whom the Spirit is at work."



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