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On St. Anthony and Corpus Christi

The feast day of St. Anthony is on June 13, and Corpus Christi is on June 16.

Aside from the nearness of their feast days, is there anything else that can connect them?

I've been thinking how I can incorporate these two special days together.

What a coincidence when I read a lesser known miracle of St. Anthony that's perfect for the two celebrations!

During St. Anthony's time, there were several heretics that he had to contend with.

During one event, a group of heretics challenged St. Anthony on the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Someone who had a mule said that he will bring his mule and see if the mule will feel the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

For a couple of days before the day, the heretics fasted the mule. On the day of the challenge, the heretics put mule food on an area in the public plaza. St. Anthony brought a consecrated host to the plaza. The heretics thought the mule would go straight for the food.

When the mule was brought to the plaza, it went before St. Anthony, bent his head and kneeled before the Holy Eucharist. The heretics were amazed and converted.

I can only surmise that there was something bigger than me that led to this story.


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