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On Real Problems


Today is the death anniversary of dear cousin - more specifically, a generous, selfless, magnanimous, kind-hearted, loving, and dear cousin. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 58 and passed away within eight months of diagnosis.

A 38-year-old friend with two young sons was diagnosed with breast cancer about six months ago. The previous month, I learned that her cancer has metastasized to the brain. Numerous tumors detected. Surgery was cancelled. Two weeks ago, she passed away.

A dear friend's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and within three months, her mother passed away. Her sister who was battling breast cancer died the following year. She herself was diagnosed with cancer the year after her sister passed away.

A friend's husband lost his job just before Covid and has not been able to find one to this day. They have three young children. She does not know how she could continue to manage with only one income.

All these situations are problematic.

Other challenging situations that many people stress over may not be problems at all. I read somewhere (Sorry, don't remember the article.) that the burdens most people have are inconveniences. To have a wedding, travel plan or any event postponed, to have to relocate for work, to have to drive back 50 or so miles to a place because something was forgotten ... are considered inconveniences.

Knowing the difference between a problem and an inconvenience will enable us to see more our blessings than focus on the glaring annoyances in life. How we carry our inconveniences in life is a matter of perspective and attitude. With real problems, I believe it is our trust and faith in God that will help us get through the dark clouds.

Do take the time to reflect - Are you sure the problems you say you have now are not just inconveniences?

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