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Musings on the Afterlife

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Have you ever thought of what the afterlife would be? I know that heaven is the most beautiful place. I've heard and read about it. And what's interesting is that several people who died,came back to life, and wrote about their experiences in heaven mentioned similar things about it - the encounter with Jesus, the unconditional love, the angels, the blinding light. These are all mentioned in McNeal's To Heaven and Back, Eadie's Embraced by the Light, and Alexander's Proof of Heaven, to name a few books.

Beyond the beauty of heaven though, I've been wondering what goes on in there.

It has occurred to me that maybe a soul in heaven is not the same as another. I envision that there are holier souls than others. Will someone who led a despicable life on earth but accepted Jesus the last minute be the same as the soul who gave his or her entire life to Jesus while still on earth? Maybe it's like the laborers who worked the whole day and those who worked for a few hours only received the same pay.

I know that saints who gave their lives to Jesus on earth are given the graces in heaven to help people on earth. Some saints themselves said it before their death. Like St. Therese.

We may also know of people who have led near saintly lives on earth and after their death, have helped those on earth. Like my exemplary grandmother who helped her daughter and granddaughter get cured of an illness, or a dearly departed relative who showed herself in dreams to guide a child in her life.

Who knows if my thoughts are just imaginings of someone often thinking about the afterlife? Or are these thoughts close to reality in heaven?

One thing for sure, heaven is something to look forward to.


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