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Is There Life after Death?

Updated: May 15

A dear friend had been painstakingly, enduringly battling cancer for at least a year. It has returned with a vengeance after about a decade of remission. This time, my friend, a spiritual fortress, was daily being battered by the disease.

She texted that she was advised to seek hospice care. We prayed for her daily, asking for some alleviation of her pain. Two days ago, very sadly but expectedly, her daughter texted that her mom was now at peace.

Her mom wanted a celebration of life. No sadness nor tears. Just joy and happiness. She asked her daughter to spread her ashes on the ocean near Avila Beach at 10am on a Saturday. Much as we wanted to go, I said we couldn't go because we were scheduled to help our son move from San Francisco to Los Angeles on that same day.

I made it a point to remember to pray for her at 10am while on the road to SF. Interestingly, we were on the 5Freeway when I realized that around 10am, we would be on the same horizontal plane as her celebration: we on the 5FWY, and her family to the West at Avila Beach.

I looked at the clock and it showed 9:57am. I told my husband we could start our prayer for Myli early. As we were praying at 9:58am, the RING chimed on my husband's phone. He checked it, and there was no one on the porch. Gary interjected, "I think that's Myli letting us know that she's near us." I felt the same way.

And this wasn't the first time that similar things have happened to us.

And we also don't think it is a coincidence. We need to believe in things that the eye cannot see, but the heart can.


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