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History of the Rosary

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I finished a video of the History of the Rosary on the eve of its feastday.

The making of this video started with a blessing. I did not have the inspiration nor direction for the next video. Before going to bed, I prayed for those two. I slept at 1 AM and woke up at 4 AM wondering why I could not sleep. After prayers, the idea of making a video for the rosary came to mind. I immediately started working on it the whole day without any sleepiness nor fatigue, which in itself was a miracle for me! Not to mention that the following Friday is the Feast of the Holy Rosary!

By the end of the day, I was done with 90 percent of the work though It took me another three days to make additions, revisions, and tweaks.

I hope you will learn as much as I was inspired, focused, and joyful making this video.


My name's Anna Maria, and I publish a new video on YouTube's Touched by Grace Today and a new post on my blog every week! (Check out for my other articles!) If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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