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Jesus Dines with Sinners

A few months ago, we watched the movie Silence. It was about two Jesuit missionaries who went to Japan to seek their master who is rumored to have committed apostasy (abandoned the faith) and now has a family. The two Jesuits took it upon themselves to find the truth, endangering their lives as it was the period of no tolerance for Christianity in Japan.

The character that most affected me was Kichijiro, a convert to Christianity. Many times he was asked about his faith, he always renounced Jesus by stepping on a fumi-e, a carved crucifix.

It was with profound sadness that I could see myself in Kichijiro. Who am I to say that I will not do the same under similar circumstances?

And yet in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it is with the sinners whom Jesus dines.

We only fail when we stop repenting.


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