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Coincidence or Grace?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

On a recent trip to the Philippines, our schedule was so tight that I was not even able to visit Mom and Dad at the cemetery in the province. It's usually the first place I go to during my visits. With every opportunity to drop by the cemetery that passed, my heart spoke, "Mom, I'm sorry I can't drop by your place. The way things are, I don't think I can visit you and Dad this time."

A few days before returning to LAX, my sister out of the blue said, "Let's go to Mom's house (in the city) to check out things." Going to my parent's bedroom, she said, "Get whatever perfume you like from the collection Mom has." As she spoke those words, I felt Mommy telling me, "It's ok you can't come visit me. Choose some perfume you'd like to take with you back to LA, and it's like taking me with. you."

My feeling of sadness and disappointment of not having visited Mom vanished. I knew she wanted me to know it was okay.


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