• Anna Maria De Guid

Blood Pressure


I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was put on medication. My normal readings were anywhere from 130/80 to 140/90, and if there is cause for stress, then my numbers go as high as 150s.

Lately, fatigue has been a close friend. I have been working on two projects, and it has kept me overly busy.

During that time, a concerned friend texted me that her dear friend suddenly died of a massive heart attack shortly after moving from her old place to a new apartment. The deceased was overly stressed from the move, doing everything herself. My friend was worried for me.

The day she texted, I began my day with the mindset of giving gratitude that day. I listened to church songs while doing work. Though I was still tired from the previous days' work, my heart felt light.

After my friend called, I got the BP machine and got my reading. It was 110/60! The lowest I have had for a long time. Even with medication.

I knew Jesus was with me that morning, helping me carry my yoke and adding lightness to my day.


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