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Blessed Mother's Day

It was a rather busy weekend.

On Mother's Day, our family drove to Berkeley early in the morning for our youngest's graduation on Monday. We pretty much spent half the day driving from LA to the Bay area. We had a special Mother's Day lunch at In n Out - no, not inside the restaurant but take-out, eaten inside the SUV. I was just happy to be able to spend time with our son who drove with us and to look forward to the rest of the day with the rest of the family.

Mother's Day for many years have not been complete as the boys had their own thing going and were not able to come home. I told myself that I will try my best not to have expectations about things because with expectation may come disappointment. The way I see it, we expect something and when it happens, then we are happy. But that's the ceiling of the happiness we can get. When we don't expect anything and then the outcome is what we would have wanted it to be, then the happiness goes much further.

Our two other sons met with us at the hotel. That was a moment of thanksgiving and recognizing the blessing. I am so grateful to God for having the family complete. No fireworks, just heartfelt joy. We stayed in the hotel until dinner. We found a walkable ramen place, had ice cream, went back to the hotel. We attended a Zoom prayer meeting for an aunt who recently passed away. Then, we went to the 9pm Mass at Newman Center which in itself brought a lot of surprises: recognition of the graduates, of the parents behind each student, and thanksgiving for all those who had birthdays during May.

We came home very sleepy and got ready for bed. I fell asleep thanking Jesus.


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