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Be Careful of the Lotus Room

It was decades ago when I read the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

As concise as it can get, the story is about finding the person who stole the lighting rod that Zeus uses in Olympus.

While on their journey to find the thief, the protagonists led by Percy Jackson came to a place called the Lotus Casino where most everyone forgets who they are. The place was filled with everything that a young person would want: infinite food, addicting games, and everything else that spelled F-U-N! The problem was that these young men didn't realize that in the Lotus Casino, one forgets time. People there would be bedazzled, mesmerized by the place that they would stay indefinitely. With the help of friends, Percy was able to break the "hypnosis," and they were able to leave the place to return to their journey.

I think we all have our own variation of the Lotus Casino. It could be social media, Netflix, sports, virtual games, and other things. My wish is that as we have fun at this place, we don't forget to return to the important things in our lives.

PS. Was it a coincidence that our sons chose to watch Percy Jackson series around the same time that this blog will be posted? :D


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