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Ask and You Shall Receive #2

Have you ever had a root canal? It's a procedure where the endodontist removes the infected pulp and tooth nerve because the tooth damage has gone far into the tooth so as to create unceasing intermittent pain. It used to take 2-3 treatments that would take about a month to complete the entire process.

Thank goodness these days, this procedure has been exponentially improved so that the procedure itself only takes one appointment for about 30 minutes to an hour including the area prep.

I had one two years ago. Little did I know that a root canal can still get infected. That's exactly what happened to me while on vacation. I felt soreness and tenderness together with dull pain, followed by a lump in the area. True to my intuition, it was an infection. The endodontist gave me an antibiotic to clear the infection, and if it did not work, then he will need to do an apicoectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the apex, or very tip, of the tooth's root which, the doctor said, would include bone grafting. It sounded like a pretty serious treatment for me, not to mention the cost!

And then comes the power of prayer. When there are things I cannot do anything about, I resort to prayers - deep and unceasing prayers.

Two days before the appointment, I began praying the Nine Hour Novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague asking him to completely remove the infection so I don't have to undergo the procedure.

During one of those prayers, an image came to my mind: a black dot at the tip of my tooth seemed to have been expelled from the area. I thought and hoped it was a premonition of the infection being wiped out. Though I wanted to believe what I saw, I continued to pray.

So was I surprised to hear the endodontist say that the infection was gone and that no surgery was needed this time? I cannot say I was completely confident I was going to be healed as I left the outcome to God. But I could not contain my gratitude, joy, and release knowing that I did not have to undergo the surgery.

Another time I knew God heard my prayers. And he answered my call.


My name's Anna Maria, and I publish a new video on YouTube's Touched by Grace Today and a new post on my blog every week! Check out for my other articles! If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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