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A Time for Everything and All Soul's Day


It was around 10AM yesterday when a dear friend texted me that her doctor prescribed hospice care. She's had cancer for the a very long time, and she felt that her recent chemotherapy was only decimating her body slowly without any indication that it has done any good. Three years ago, the same doctor gave her a year to live. She's profusely thankful that God has given her an extension.

She also thanked him for her many wonderful blessings (despite having so many other challenges outside of her medical condition) and her friends for the time she had with them.

I shed tears while telling her how much she has inspired me to be positive in life, to be calm despite the turmoil, and to always put our trust and faith in our Lord. I did not expect to cry because I knew she was going to be in a much better place free from all her suffering, but I did. I cried because I know I will miss her.

Death is just a door we go through to reach eternal life.

We will all go her path one of these days and it soothes and even sometimes excites my soul to know that we will be united with God and again with our dearly departed - for eternity.


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