• Anna Maria De Guid

A Reason for Everything

A few weeks ago, a cousin underwent brain tumor surgery.

A mountain of prayers from family and friends rose to the heavens on the days prior, during, and after her surgery. The surgery went exceedingly well that she was out of the hospital in five days! A miraculous feat after a grueling major surgery.

When I excitedly shared the wonderful healing story with a cousin-in-law, she asked, "So how does one get healed miraculously and another one not make it?"

This much I know - that personal and world events will continue to unfold. Just like the current pandemic or the upcoming elections. What we need to do is to trust Jesus completely and to relinquish our lives to him (not easy tasks).

And as our lives here unfold, let us lend a hand, share our time, talent, and treasure to those who need them the most.

As to our unanswered "Whys" in life, we will only know the answers when we reach our eternal home. And I have no doubt about that.

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