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On the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

White dove representing the Holy Spirit in the sky

Two evenings before my flight, I had some free time. I read an article on a blog site, and it was about the Holy Spirit. I was filled with some sadness as I read the blog because I did not know (much about) the Holy Spirit.

Growing up, I learned about God the Father and God the Son. I don't remember being schooled on God the Holy Spirit. Then I bowed my head and profoundly prayed, "Holy Spirit, please let me know you."

During the flight, I sat beside a friend who shared so knowingly about the Holy Spirit. He left me a reading material which I put straight in my hand carry as we departed.

Back in Los Angeles, I started reading my friend's booklet on the Holy Spirit, and my heart suddenly filled with overwhelming joy! I felt like I was being introduced to someone I knew all along in my heart, but not in my head.

The Holy Spirit did not waste time introducing himself to me. What an amazing grace!

Moral of the story... don't forget to ask, especially the Holy Spirit for your needs!

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