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On Managing Emotions

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we always feel happy, good, loved, among many other positive emotions?

Though emotions are only a part of us, it sometimes seems that it makes up our whole being, at least for that moment in time. That would be wonderful if we always felt good. But since that is not the case, we should learn how to manage our emotions and not the other way around. If we feel lazy, let us not give in to the couch. Instead, let us google and read inspiring stories. If we are feeling bad vibes, let us not fill our thoughts with negativity. Let us go to the Bible and uplifting materials to read what Jesus tells us about faith. If we feel sad, let us not give in to the chocolates and ice cream. Instead, let us seek those who could use some help. Thinking of others is one good way to be uplifted. Hopefully, keeping these in mind will help us stay with positive emotions.

Let us remember that we always have a choice. And we work towards those that are good

and not vice-versa.


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