• Anna Maria De Guid

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Two angels framing the words, "Sending angels to watch over you."

On today's Feast of the Guardian Angels, let me share a story with you.

One morning, while driving on a nearly empty Alvarado Street in Los Angeles, I slowly changed to the lane of the only car behind me.

The driver must have been having a bad day. He accelerated and tried to cut me off. As I slowed down to let him pass, he swerved aggressively in front of me. I moved to another lane to avoid him, but every time I changed lanes to get away from him, he would cut me off.

Scared by what he could and would do, I called and prayed to my Guardian Angel. Within seconds, the street filled up with all sorts of vehicles that left the driver stuck on his lane as I was able to wiggle myself away from him.

Next time you need the extra assistance, call on your guardian angels. They're probably as excited to help as you are eager to be helped.

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