• Anna Maria De Guid

On Firsts of the Month

I've blogged many times that I love new beginnings - New Year, Easter, Christmas and the firsts of the month. I feel I can restart my resolutions on a blank slate. Again and again.

And so it is with May 1.

The past year and recent months have taught us to adjust many things in our lives due to Covid-19. This adjustment continues on a daily or weekly basis depending on the most recent news. The hope these days is that most of the United States will be fully vaccinated by summer. I know people who have started making plans for summer and the rest of the year. Understandably so.

There is hope, there is a new beginning.

And if there is a resurgence of the virus in the winter when the antibodies have faded or a new strain emerges, what do we do?

Let us not lose hope when bad things come our way. We learn, we adjust, and we trust that there will be another time for a new beginning. God willing.

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