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On Good Soil

After morning mass, I saw a line of first grade children leaving the church. One child (They were all so cute.) stopped by the altar, knelt, and made the sign of the cross before joining the line. It was such a beautiful sight.

I know that in about a decade, things will change. This child will more likely not even go to church anymore. What happened? What can be done?

I believe it is the current culture, peer pressure, society's becoming more secular as well as the inability of children these days to go against society's liberal stance on many things.

Then the parable of the seeds falling on the road came to me. Some seeds fell on the stone, on the thorns on the rocks and on the soil. Maybe we can clear our plot, cultivate and fertilize the soil regularly so that more seeds will germinate and grow fully into the beautiful plants they were meant to be.


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