• Anna Maria De Guid

On Our Greatest Fears

Yoda saying, "I sense much fear in you."

According to USA Today Survey*, the list of things Americans fear include corruption of public officials, terrorist attacks, financial ruin, and having serious family health issues.

What are yours?

I have two. One is the fear that someone I love will be taken away and fear of how I will die. Not death itself but the "how."

The way I was able to work around my anxieties and worries was to confront them. I imagined the situations I feared and asked myself, “What’s next?” Then I went through the scenario I feared.

At the end of every fearful situation was Jesus. He was and is always going to be where we are. We just have to trust completely. With that trust is a power stronger than none other.

Go through your deepest fears. Walk with our Lord and you will find the peace that only He can give.

*USA Today Survey October 12, 2016

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