• Anna Maria De Guid

On Knowing Thyself

Man pointing to board that says "Know yourself, find the truth, express the truth."

Both Socrates and Plato knew the importance of "Knowing thyself".

Incredible wisdom in those two words. For it is in truly knowing ourselves that we understand the whys of our thoughts, intentions, words, and our actions.

(I wish I had this wisdom early in life. Lots of time wasted in lost ways, detours, and dead ends.)

This perfect juxtaposition of thoughts, intentions, words and actions is embodied in Jesus. He thought, spoke and acted consistently with who he said he was.

Let us learn from the master. Let us find the time to reflect on ourselves, on who we really are. Not what others think of us, not who we think we are or how we want others to think of us.

It may prove to be an arduous journey but when reached will open a world of inner peace.

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