• Anna Maria De Guid

Out of the Tragedies...

Sign saying "El Paso Strong"

... come rays of light to touch hearts of those who read the stories of the victims and their families. This is one of those stories.

She loved flowers so much, according to the widower. He was sad that he might be the only one at her funeral, so he opened the funeral to the public. The funeral home put out an invite to Facebook.

To everyone's surprise, several hundreds attended the funeral service, about 10,000 messages were sent to Mr. Basco, and almost a thousand flowers sent to the wake from all over the country. Mr. Basco shed tears of joy to find strangers supporting him during the loss of the love of his life.

There is still good in the world. May this goodness shine light to those who feel that their world has ended with the recent tragedies.

May all the departed souls Rest in Peace.

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