• Anna Maria De Guid

On Simple Grace

My numerous texts were not answered, and my calls were not returned. Has my dear friend changed her phone number?

I miss Lena. She was mother of Ashton, my oldest son's good friend. We have gone through ups and downs of grade school parenting for almost a decade. Our families lost contact few years after graduation.

That Sunday, I had a lot of morning chores so we went to the noon mass instead of our regular 10:30am mass. To my surprise, I saw Lena sitting at the other end of the church. I went to her even before mass ended to make sure that I don't lose her.

She said, "I have not gone to this church in three years. Today is my first time to hear mass here."

I knew it was a grace to have seen her. And I will make sure that this time, our paths do not separate again.

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