• Anna Maria De Guid

On Mundane Living

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a life that is filled with adventure, with meeting celebrities or with experiences close to what movies are made of?

Most of us though have lives that are mundane. We get up in the morning, prepare for our day and go to work. In the afternoon we go home, prepare dinner, do more chores then sleep. Then we repeat the routine.

But isn’t that just what Jesus did the 30-some years before His ministry began? He had to contend with the routine of day-to-day living like us.

And when Jesus suffered, it showed that He was just like one of us

in knowing suffering.

And he left the best for last.

When he resurrected, as in the beauty of the great adventures and movies, he left the best for last... exactly how our lives will be after our mundane earthly existence.

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