• Anna Maria De Guid

Joseph and the Dreamcoat

Today's reading reminded me of one of my favorite stories in the Old Testament: the story of Joseph. It is a story of envy, righteousness and redemption - everything God planned it to be.

In a gist, Joseph was his father's favorite. His brothers envied him. They sold him to some traders and Joseph became a slave. His honesty and hard work paid off. He became governor of Egypt. He tested his brothers, and they redeemed themselves. The entire family is reconciled and moved to Egypt.

When I was younger, I understood how and why Joseph's brothers felt envy for their youngest brother. As I grew in years, I learned how cruel envy could be if we let it reign in our hearts. Slowly but surely we should sweep it away through counting our blessings and looking at the beauty within us. It is what is right.

And if we have done wrong due to envy, let us redeem ourselves like Joseph's brothers did. In the end, it will all work out beautifully just as it did with Joseph.


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