• Anna Maria De Guid

On Nosy People

While driving my son to school today, he pointed out the license plate of the car ahead of us:


I wish I had that on mine. I love my boys.

People almost always ask, “No girls?”

A wise cousin said, “Don’t be offended by people who ask questions. Life is just a series of questions being asked.”

As a young adult, people asked me if I had a special someone. When I met my future husband, people asked when the wedding was and when we'll start a family. Since I have boys, they asked if we were planning on having a girl. It’s never ending really.

After those wise words, I don’t really mind people’s questions anymore. Though I wish they would ask me about life's important questions, like:

"What's the meaning of life?"

Now, that’s not being nosy. That’s being deep.


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