• Anna Maria De Guid

On Giving Our All

One Sunday gospel was about the man who asked Jesus what he should do to get eternal life. Jesus answered to follow the ten commandments, give all he has away to the poor, and follow him. The rich man went away sad.

The story reminded me of the seminarian I recently met. He finished his Ph.D in Quantum Physics. It was during his doctoral journey when he came to know Jesus. It was a difficult decision to leave his profession after seven years of doctoral studies, but he did.

I saw him and I told him he reminded me of the story of the rich man.

“But I have no riches nor wealth,” he answered.

“But you are giving your life to Jesus and leaving your future in this world behind!”

Generally speaking, our priests, deacons and religious lay people have dedicated their lives to our service in the name of Jesus. They have given their all.

May we find the time to pray for their guidance and protection and for helping us in our spiritual growth and journey.

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