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On Lighting Candles

It might have been in 2008, maybe earlier, when I started lighting candles by our kitchen window. (It’s been a decade!) I don’t know what prompted me to do it at that time. These days I could not start my day at home without lighting my candles first.

“Why light candles?” my sister asked.

I found this most beautiful and comprehensive answer to why we light candles:

"The New Testament speaks of Christ’s followers creating light, not only to serve as offering to God, but to be in communion with him. As these lights symbolize Christ, the Light of the world, the faithful who come together in prayer illumines their lives and those they have come to pray for. And their light shall shine forth so others can see the Glorious God who comes to mankind to be one with them in a life that was truly theirs from the beginning of time.”*

So the next time you see a lighted candle, think of Jesus and remember that each of us can be that light that shines forth in this world. **


**Please make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions when lighting candles inside your home.


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