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Twist on the Parable of the Talents

The Parable of the Talents tells of a master who gave three of his servants talents.

The first servant was given five; the second, two, and the last, one talent. The first two servants invested the money and grew it. The third servant just buried the money. The master was enraged with the third servant for not investing the money at all.

What struck me was not how the servants invested (or not) the money.

What struck me was that the master did not give all servants the same number of talents.

We are all given different situations (talents, time and treasure) in life. Some are given more than others. That is God’s prerogative, like the master in the parable.

At the end of our journey, we will be accountable for all these things. Let us make sure that we make best use of our gifts, big or small.

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