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50 Shades of Green

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I liked green as a young child. It seemed a refreshing color, like the green grass and green trees. Little did I know then that the color would also mean things like the U.S. dollar. Or envy.

Envy is desire for another’s goods, whether it be possessions, success, or talents.

Feelings of envy do fill a wide spectrum of greens. It can range from a slightly tinted envy that quickly goes away, to a dark, consuming envy to have what someone else has.

Even during Jesus’ time, many Bible passages tell of the Pharisees’s envy of Jesus. For that reason, Jesus was crucified. (So be careful lest you crucify someone [our even yourself!] from envy.)

So how does one wash away the green envy?

Start by counting one's blessings. Then pour a bucket of gratitude over your heart for all these blessings. Continue with accepting that we have all been given different circumstances by God. Finally, we pray for humility. God-willing, the green envy will turn the heart's color beautiful again.


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