• Anna Maria De Guid

Material World

Madonna’s song "Material Girl" reminds me of the material world we live in. It rings so true for most people… as it still does for me.

With almost everything I see and hear on TV, billboards, the Internet or just about anywhere, I'm finding more and more things desirable. (Marketing firms do a great job of making me think and feel that I need or deserve something better!)

Thank God, he is guiding my path to what the basics are: food to nourish us, shelter to cover our heads, clothing to protect our bodies, activities to nourish the soul, and the love of family and friends.

To distinguish between needs and wants sometimes takes a lifetime.

And the sooner it's done, the better it is for us—financially, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.

My name's Anna Maria! I publish a new blog post every Monday and Friday, two of my favorite days! If you want to learn more about my journey, my book "Touched by Grace: The Journey" will be released this winter through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In the meantime, check out my website touchedbygrace.today and subscribe for book updates and more blog posts! If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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