• Anna Maria De Guid

A Prayer Answered

There's an appointed time for us to meet our Creator. This is a certainty for me.

Dad was in his seventies and physically fit as can be when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I felt so sad and distant, being here in Los Angeles, as he was in Manila. I prayed in my heart to Jesus that I may be given the opportunity to be with Dad when his time comes to meet our Lord.

We visited the Philippines the following summer with plans to go to China. The trip to China didn’t push through though. Neither did any of the substitute Asian trips we planned that summer. As we were working on a Philippine island trip as a last resort, Dad suddenly passed away. It seemed

something hindered any travel plans we had outside of Manila.

Everybody said I was lucky to be in Manila with my whole family.

It was not luck. It was grace in a prayer answered.

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