• Anna Maria De Guid

Mid-Life Crisis

I've been wrangling with some anxiety issues the past couple of weeks.

Paul and I have three sons. The oldest is working, our second is in college and our youngest is a senior in high school. Empty nest looms over my head but my whole being wants to escape from it. I told him it might be mid-life crisis.

He retorted, “Do you mean you’re living til you’re 120?” I was turning 60. He was so right. It’s not mid-life crisis. It’s down-the-hill crisis.

In her late 70s, my mom used to tell us that she's living the final 90 percent of her life. Those words didn’t quite sink in until she passed away at 82. (Mom, you're good! You were only off by just 5 percent!)

Whatever crisis we are facing, whatever stage in life, there is always one thing to remember – that Jesus is with us.

We need to pray unceasingly and hang tightly to Him when the going gets rough.

In time, we will feel the peace that only He can bring.

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