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Blogging a Crazy Idea

My journey to blogging began as an inconceivable idea.

In 2014 I started writing stories of God’s graces and shared them with friends. A dear friend suggested I start a blog. “I will subscribe to your blog,” she even quipped. “Me? Are you serious?” I replied.

I didn’t know anything about blogging. I’ve read people’s websites, but not blogs. I was born in the fifties so this is something new to me.

A few months ago, Paul and I were excited to finally have a quiet evening at home. Our sons were all out with friends. We gathered up our favorite snacks and drinks on the coffee table and were about to watch a long-awaited movie when I asked him to turn Netflix on.

“I thought you knew how to turn it on,” Paul replied.

I didn’t. Neither did he.

We ended up watching regular TV.

If I couldn’t turn Netflix on, why would I be interested in learning something more complicated… like blogging?

It’s been years since that crazy idea. If the plans are God-approved, there’s nothing inconceivable.

Is there something that’s inconceivable for you?


My name's Anna Maria! I publish a new blog post every Monday and Friday, two of my favorite days! If you want to learn more about my journey, my book "Touched by Grace: The Journey" will be released this summer through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In the meantime, check out my website and subscribe for book updates and more blog posts! If you've been #tbgtoday, feel free to share your story of grace here.

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