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Just Do It.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Just do it.

That’s Nike’s famous trademark. And rightfully so. In just three words, it tells one to not give excuses. Just do it.

The truth is – it’s easier said than done. I can think of a thousand (well, maybe just a few dozen) things I have been planning to do for weeks, months and even years but have not started for a lot of reasons:

It’s too hard. (Not many things are easy.)

I don’t have time. (One has to find time, make time.)

It can wait. (We don’t live forever.)

It’s not important. (Well, then why even think of doing it?)

I’m too old. (No one’s getting any younger.)

Can you imagine if Jesus had those excuses (except the last one!) and said he decided not to go through his passion and death? Where would that have left us?

Let’s look up to Him, who went through the most difficult trials so that he could give us a new life.

Let’s “Just do it.”


My name's Anna Maria! If you want to learn more about my journey, my book "Touched by Grace: The Journey" will be released this summer through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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