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On Orchids and Our Lives

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Orchid plants have such lovely flowers. The blossoms are a beauty to behold, and as a bonus, they could last for a month or two.

I was repotting some orchid plants from church weeks ago. As I cut off the old roots, I saw that rot has penetrated the root system. In some cases, the disease has gone up to the stems. It occurred to me that even with such lovely and healthy looking blossoms, the roots can be damaged so severely without any indication of the entire plant's poor state.

Could it be similar to our lives? We can live beautifully on the outside without any indication that we could use some help inside. Our bodies can be sculpted perfectly, but our spirits are in shambles.

I believe that we need to simultaneously take care of our spirit as much as we do our body. It helps to listen to inspiring music, read motivational books, watch uplifting shows, and pray. Connecting to the source of all that is good will definitely boost our spirits!

We need to make sure that our body and spirit are in healthy harmony so that our lives will bloom even more beautifully than the most exquisite orchid, inside and out.


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