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Best Advice

Everyone has been on both ends of an advice. What are some of the best advice you have received? Do you remember some of the best advice you have given?

Mom often told me to give thanks to our Lord. Her mother taught her that living a life of thanksgiving is the only way to live.

An aunt said that it takes only a few seconds to make a call, so not being in touch with our loved ones is inexcusable. How many times have we said we will call someone and procrastinated?

My freshman college English professor always instructed us to leave a one-inch margin on each side of our homework and exam pages. She said that in life, its good to have allowances. It makes for a more stress-free, flexible living.

Think about it. What do you think were some of the best advice you have given and received? I hope it has made your life easier, more joyful and meaningful.


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