• Anna Maria De Guid

On Spoiling and Tough Love

Spoiling love is best manifested with new babies. Parents couldn't think of much else. This is a special privilege of grandparents too. This kind of love is so easy to impart.

Tough love is an oxymoron. It is hard and decisive, yet with love and a purpose. The crucial part is being able to know when to engage it.

I admit I was guilty of the spoiling kind because of my overflowing love for my children, not just as babies but even as young adults.

I subscribe to the saying "Anything in excess is not good;" hence, I try my best to discern if a situation calls for tough love. When I believe that the unconditional love is being taken for granted, that there is a feeling of entitlement, then I change gears to tough love.

These days to a parent, tough love is much harder to give. There are many complicated reasons. Maybe because parents these days are afraid to get their authority back. And it's simply harder to implement. It's usual for young children to resort to tantrums, while older children will react with resistance, disrespect, and heated arguments.

It will help to remember what Jesus did. He loves us enough to tell us what is right and not, what is good and bad, what is salvation and not. Regardless of how we respond.

Done early and correctly, the fruits of this balancing act will bring much happiness and joy to the family, and more importantly, salvation to our souls.

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