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On Olympic and Other Goals

Olympics 2021 ended. It was an awesome display of Japanese cutting edge technology and creativity as well as of global athletic prowess at its best.

The few who have garnered their gold, silver, and bronze medals will exuberantly go home to a huge embrace by their homeland (and commercial establishments). Many who have achieved their dreams of joining the games will go home to family and friends carrying in their hearts the precious time they had.

For those who have given their entire lives to win a medal but fell short, how can one cope with an unfulfilled dream?

On a much smaller and more private perspective, how can anyone move on with life when one's perceived mission has failed? People have broken relationships. People divorce. People fail in business. People who have given their lives to pursuits and creative passions still come up short in the end.

Maybe it will help to think that in life, we have to focus on the effort. We give our extra best to our endeavor and leave no stone unturned. We give our best because that is one way of giving thanks to our Lord who gave us everything.

And leave the outcome to what God has in store for us.


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